Altar & Rosary & Quilters

St. Alphonsus Altar and Rosary Society is an active organization of our parish.  As the name implies, our major functions are to provide and maintain the needs of the altar and to pray the rosary.  The society was organized in 1942.

Officers include president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.  The members include all ladies of the parish and names are placed on one of eight circles with each circle having two leaders.  The circle leaders contact members when there is need for food or workers.  There are no dues.

The members are involved in the spiritual needs of the parish family, such as praying for the sick, leading the rosary for deceased members at wake services, requesting Masses for deceased members and helping to provide a luncheon for the family of a deceased parishioner.

Donations are given to youth groups and community charities as we are able.  Our fund raisers have changed over the years.  Included in the activities of the Altar and Rosary is the Quilt Group.  Many quilts have been made and proceeds are used to fund donations.  New quilters are always welcomed.

Contact person can be reached by calling the parish office at 319-385-8410.